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Acuicultura Kardala by Kardala LHII is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional License.



Erasmus+ offers OLS tool, which is explained to all the students during the presentation of the course. After that explanation, two talks are given to outgoing students to explain the advantages and uses of the tool.


Kardala LHII gives English as a compulsory module (60 hours). Besides, according to the internationalization and modernization strategy of Kardala LHII, the institution is taking part in the multilingual project launched by the Department of Education of the Basque Govern a result of which two modules are taught in English in order to get involved the student in the globalized internationalization market. To take part in this project the students need to prove at least a B1 level in English. Before the course starts, the applicants have to pass an English exam provided by the Education department of the Basque Govern.

In order to enhance the language capacity of the Erasmus and non-Erasmus students and staff, Kardala LHII offers during the course extra English courses (200 hours). If there is a number of students interested in receiving other language courses (French, Italian, etc.) the directory discuss the situation and if approved offers such a courses. All this courses are free for the students and staff.


These are the subjects taught:

First course:

  • Techniques and management of life food production
  • Techniques and management of fish production
  • Techiniques and management of shelfish production
  • Equipments, innovation and automation systems in aquaculture
  • Training and Career Counseling

Second course:

  • Techniques and management of crustaceans production
  • Analytical techniques and health control methods in aquaculture
  • Environmental management of aquaculture processes
  • Fishkeeping
  • Implementation proyect of a aquaculture production
  • Technical English
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Initiative
  • Education on the Workplace

International projects working group:

Headmaster: Laura  Aldabaldetreku Zuazo (laura@kardalalhii.net)

Responsible of European projects: Igotz Gallastegi Sodupe  (igallastegi@kardalalhii.net)

Head teacher: Igotz Gallastegi Sodupe  (igallastegi@kardalalhii.net)

Secretary: Estibalitz Azkue Zenekorta  (eazkue@kardalalhii.net)

Telephone: + 34 943 607 137